New Series: The Eel Grass GirlsĀ© Mysteries

Book 1

Murder Aboard the California Girl

by Rachel Nickerson Luna
ISBN 1886551073
Paperback 160 Pages $7.95
Ages 10-14

Yacht club girls discover body on fishing boat. Danger lurks in the harbor making rough sailing for the Eel Grass Girls.

Sophia Griscom, age 10, Book-lover, Sailor, Real Cape Cod Girl
"Rachel Luna has combined a murder mystery with a group of young sailors for a book you won't forget. It gave me the heebie-jeebies! Luckily my dog sleeps under my bed!"

"When the Eel Grass Girls - Muffy, Mollie, Laura, and Abigail - find a dead man on an old fishing boat while learning to sail at Cape Cod?s Yacht Harbor Sailing school, they know they can?t rest until they discover who killed him and why."

Fairfax Chief
"Luna...continues to prick the interest of young mystery lovers."

Book 2

The Haunting of Captain Snow

by Rachel Nickerson Luna
ISBN 1886551081
Paperback 332 Pages $11.95
Ages 10-14

Four young sailors solve a century old mystery surrounding a sea captain and his strange family. Told from Laura Sparrow's point of view, the young detective is shocked to find skeletons in her own closet.

Midwest Book Review
"Recommended: the story is quite complex and involving; not your usual shallow mystery!"

"Far more complicated than any Nancy Drew mystery...odder and scarier too."

Guymon Daily Herald
"As a Nancy Drew fan as a child, I found The Haunting of Captain Snow a thoroughly delightful read."

School Library Journal
"Well plotted."

Book 3

The Strange Disappearance of Agatha Buck

by Rachel Nickerson Luna
ISBN 188655109X
Paperback 284 Pages, $11.95
Ages 10-14
An vision appears in Abigail Lincoln's summer home. Is it a ghost? When food is missing, the Eel Grass Girls suspect a homeless woman, but they discover someone far more incredible!

ForeWord Magazine
"Luna is an artist writer who has an affecting narrative touch."

"These mysteries definitely have teeth...present the heroines' lives in ways that parents will appreciate: Responsibility, honesty and respect are prevailing themes..."

Barbara Quigley, Guymon Daily Herald
"'s great to see books for kids like these."

Book 4

The Desperate Message from Freeman's Island

by Rachel Nickerson Luna
ISBN 1886551103
Paperback 284 Pages $12.95
Ages 10-14
A message in a bottle sends the Eel Grass Girls on their fourth adventure. As Mollie Parker organizes a rescue, townsfolk and even her little brother disappear, leading the Eel Grass Girls to another nautical mystery.

Bookviews by Alan Caruba, November 2005
"The message from a desperate castaway is the start of a story that will thoroughly enthrall a younger reader."

The Fairfax Chief
"A great book for the young reader."

Book 5

The Mysterious Light in the Barn

by Rachel Nickerson Luna
ISBN 9781886551138
Paperback 152 pages $12.95
Ages 10-14
After a wonderful summer on Cape Cod, Abigail Lincoln returns home to Connecticut and finds a mysterious light in the barn. She and her school friends discover more strange goings-on in their little country town. The Eel Grass Girls will visit on Columbus Day weekend, but can they solve the mysteries in one weekend?

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